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Dry Bath Block

Block are constructed of aluminium alloy. Applied to a varity of tubes.
Price: 42  -  100
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Model No.
DescriptionFor use with
Hole Dia.Hole DepthHole bottom shape
DBA0124✖5ml Block5ml Round Bottom TubesΦ13.5mm30mmRound Bottom117.8✖77.8✖31.5mm
DBA0212✖1.5ml Half Block1.5ml VWR MicrotubesΦ10.8mm30mmConical Bottom77.8✖58.9✖31.5mm
DBA0310✖10/15ml Half Block10/15ml Round Bottom TubesΦ16mm48.5mmRound Bottom77.8✖58.9✖50mm

96✖0.2ml Block

0.2ml PCR or MicrotubesΦ6.4mm19.5mmConical Bottom117.8✖77.8✖40mm
DBA0624✖1.5ml Block1.5ml VWR MicrotubesΦ11mm36mmConical Bottom117.8✖77.8✖40mm
DBA0748✖0.2ml Tubes or 6 PCR Strips Half Block0.2ml Tubes or 6 PCR StripsΦ6.1mm19.5mmConical Bottom77.8✖58.9✖40mm
DBA0824✖1.5/2.0 ml Block1.5/2.0 ml VWR/Eppendorf MicrotubesΦ11.5mm37mmConical Bottom117.8✖77.8✖40mm
DBA0930✖0.5ml Block0.5ml PCR TubesΦ7.9mm27.6mmConical Bottom117.8✖77.8✖40mm
DBA10Flat Block96 Well or 384 Well Plate Microscope Slides///117.8✖77.8✖40mm
DBA1296✖0.1/2.0ml PCR Block0.1/2.0ml PCRΦ6.1mm12.5mmCone-shape Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA1612✖15ml Block15ml Centrifuge TubesΦ16mm48.5mmConical Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA175✖50ml Block50ml Centrifuge TubesΦ29mm48.5mmConical Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA2330✖6mm Tubes Block6mm Standard Test TubesΦ6.5mm18mmRound Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA2424✖10mm Tubes Block10mm Standard Test TubesΦ10.7mm38mmRound Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA2520✖12/13mm Tubes Block12/13mm Standard Test TubesΦ13.9mm48.5mmRound Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA2620✖15/16mm Tubes Block15/16mm Standard Test TubesΦ17.5mm48.5mmRound Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA2712✖17/18mm Tubes Block17/18mm Standard Test TubesΦ19.1mm48.5mmRound Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA288✖20mm Tubes Block20mm Standard Test TubesΦ21mm48.5mmRound Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA298✖25mm Tubes Block25mm Standard Test TubesΦ26.2mm48.5mmRound Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA303✖40mm Tubes Block40mm Standard Test TubesΦ40.5mm48.5mmRound Bottom117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA3620✖12mm Vials Block12mm VialsΦ12.7mm48.5mmFlat Bottom Hole117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA3712✖15mm Vials Block15mm VialsΦ15.8mm48.5mmFlat Bottom Hole117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA3820✖16mm Vials Block16mm VialsΦ16.4mm48.5mmFlat Bottom Hole117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA3912✖17mm Vials Block17mm VialsΦ17.8mm48.5mmFlat Bottom Hole117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA4012✖19mm Vials Block19mm VialsΦ19.8mm48.5mmFlat Bottom Hole117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA419✖21mm Vials Block21mm VialsΦ21.8mm48.5mmFlat Bottom Hole117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA428✖23mm Vials Block23mm VialsΦ23.8mm48.5mmFlat Bottom Hole117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA438✖25mm Vials Block25mm VialsΦ25.8mm48.5mmFlat Bottom Hole117.8✖77.8✖50mm
DBA446✖28mm Vials Block28mm VialsΦ28.8mm48.5mmFlat Bottom Hole117.8✖77.8✖50mm


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