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Magnetic Stirrers

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Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrers
This multi-position magnetic Stirrer is designed for the parallel and series experiment. The front control panel has the ability to detach from the main unit. This unique feature allows the main stirring base to be placed & operated in a water bath. An ideal and versatile instrument for many lab applications.
  • 1.Super-flat stainless steel plate protects against intrusion and guarantees reliability.
  • 2.Fully closed body is able to stir in a water bath.
  • 3.Magnetic coil drive mechanism provides long & quiet operation.
  • 4.Five levels of stirring power provide excellent mixing capability, including liquids with high viscosity.
  • 5.Previous setting will be automatically saved when restarting the unit.
  • 6.Exterior is specifically designed to prevent leaking.
More Information
Speed 80~2000rpm
Dimensions W×D×H (mm) 398x280x40mm
Filter Size SUS304 Stainless steel
Capacity 2L
Max. Power 30W
Platform Dimension 250x270mm
Power Supply AC 100V~240V / 50Hz~60Hz
Ambient Temperature 5°C~50°C (Water), 0°C~40°C (Air)
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Stir Bar Retriever, 7mm x 300mm


Magnetic Stir Bar, 8mm x 50mm


Magnetic Stir Bar, 10mm x 40mm


Magnetic Stir Bar, 12mm x 50mm

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