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Vertical Racks for mini 2" cryo box


For Chest Freezer and Liquid nitrogen tank


  • Racks to hold mini 2" cryo cardboard or plastic boxes (76x76x51mm);
  • Bent handles on top for easy grabbing;
  • Rack comes with a locking rod, which to prevent the boxes falling out;
  • Constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • Security lock device is optional for each rack.
Click to purchase the  cardboard boxand  plastic box. 
Price: 60.2  -  79.4
  • Crystal
Part No.:
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Part No.Description

Rack Dimension

 (H x Wx D)

Capcaity (Box)Lock Device (optional)
MCF-7-2Vertical rack to hold mini 2" box398 x 86 x 82 mm7
MCF-8-2Vertical rack to hold mini 2" box454 x 86 x 82 mm8DR-17
MCF-9-2Vertical rack to hold mini 2" box510 x 86 x 82 mm9DR-19
MCF-10-2Vertical rack to hold mini 2" box566 x 86 x 82 mm10DR-22
MCF-11-2Vertical rack to hold mini 2" box622 x 86 x 82 mm11DR-23
MCF-12-2Vertical rack to hold mini 2" box677 x 86 x 82 mm12DR-26
MCF-13-2Vertical rack to hold mini 2" box724 x 86 x 82 mm13DR-27
MCF-14-2Vertical rack to hold mini 2" box789 x 86 x 82 mm14
MCF-15-2Vertical rack to hold mini 2" box845 x 86 x 82 mm15DR-32


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