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Top-Hinge Incubator Shaker IS-RSD3W

Crystal's Technology and Industries versatile Benchtop incubator shakers with optional refrigeration are designed to provide an optimal environment to safely shake flasks, tubes racks, and micro-plates. These incubators are quiet, easy to operate, and convenient to load. Incubator Shakers are ideal for cell culture, solubility studies, extraction procedures, protein expression, and many other applications.
  1. Easy to use LCD user interface
  2. Precise Proportional-Integral-Derivative temperature control resulting in ±0.1°C accuracy
  3. Clear curved tempered glass window for viewing samples without disturbing chamber temperature
  4. The terminal feedback system ensures precise shaking speed
  5. Designed to reduce noise for quiet operation
  6. Max capacity is 8 x 1L flasks
  7. Timer 0~999 hours
  8. Audible and visual alarms activate when abnormal parameters are detected
  9. The program mode allows users to set up to 6 segments of varying temperature and speed
Price: 2688
  • IS-RSD3W

  • Crystal

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Product NameTop-Hinge Incubator Shaker
Temp. RangeAmbient +5°C ~ 60°C
Temp. Accuracy0.1°C
Temp. Uniformity±0.5°C (@ 37°C)
Ambient Relative HumidityAmbient -10°C ~ 35°C, 20%-80% RH
Speed Range0 rpm, 30 rpm – 400 rpm
Speed Accuracy±1 rpm
Orbit DiameterØ26mm
Programmable Segments6 Segments
Timer0 – 999 hrs
Platform Size450 × 400 mm (17.72 × 15.75 in)
Number of Platforms1
Maximum CapacityClamp Capacity: 42×50mL / 25×100mL / 24×150mL / 20×200mL / 20×250mL / 12×500mL / 8×1000mL / 4×2000mL Sticky Mat: 56×50mL / 42×100mL / 30×150mL / 30×200mL / 24×250mL / 20×300mL / 14×500mL / 9×1000mL / 4×2000mL
Power SupplyAC 110V / 60Hz
Outer Dimensions WxD×H712 × 687 × 628 mm (28.03 × 27.05 × 24.72 in)
Inner Dimensions WxD×H500 x 460 × 350 mm (19.67 x 18.11×13.78 in)
Net Weight220 lb (100 kg)

Part numberDescriptionPackage
IS-A1Flask clamp 50ml
IS-A2Flask clamp 100ml1
IS-A3Flask clamp 150ml1
IS-A4Flask clamp 200ml1
IS-A5Flask clamp 250ml1
IS-A6Flask clamp 500ml1
IS-A7Flask clamp 1000ml1
IS-A9Flask clamp 3000ml1
IS-A10Flask clamp 5000ml1
IS-A1396-Well Microplate Holder1
IS-A11Test Tube Rack, 40 holes, ø14mm1
IS-A12Test Tube Rack, 40 holes, ø16mm1
IS-A23Test Tube Rack, 40 holes, ø18mm1
IS-A24Test Tube Rack, 27 holes, ø22mm1
IS-A20Adjustable Test Tube Rack, 40 holes, ø14mm1
IS-A21Adjustable Test Tube Rack, 40 holes, ø16mm1
IS-A30Adjustable Test Tube Rack, 40 holes, ø18mm1
IS-A31Adjustable Test Tube Rack,27 holes, ø22mm1
IS-A32Adjustable Test Tube Rack,21 holes, ø30mm1
IS-A37Adjustable Test Tube Rack,24 holes, ø30mm1
IS-A19Mini Universal Spring Platform, 165x165x50mm1
IS-A27Mini Universal Spring Platform, 350x240x80mm1
IS-A35Fixture for Separating Funnel1
IS-A33Infusion Bottle Clamp, 500ml1
IS-A34Infusion Bottle Clamp, 1000ml1
IS-A47Sticky Pad, 140x140mm1

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