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Side access rack for 96 Deep-Well Microtiter Plates


Rack for Upright Freezer


  • Racks are for 96 Deep-Well Microtiter Plates (127x86x41.3mm).
  • Constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • Security lock device is optional for each rack.
Price: 98.5  -  133.2
  • Crystal

Part No.:
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Part No.DescriptionRack Dimension (DxHxW)CapacityLock Device (Optional)
UFDP-35LSide access rack for deep-well microplate293 x 238 x140 mm15 microplates (3Dx5H)DP-1109
UFDP-36LSide access rack for deep-well microplate293 x 284 x140 mm
18 microplates (3Dx6H)DP-1111
UFDP-45LSide access rack for deep-well microplate385 x 238 x140 mm
20 microplates (4Dx5H)DP-1509
UFDP-46LSide access rack for deep-well microplate385 x 284 x140 mm24 microplates (4Dx6H)DP-1511
UFDP-55LSide access rack for deep-well microplate478 x 237 x140 mm25 microplates (5Dx5H)DP-1809
UFDP-56LSide access rack for deep-well microplate478 x 284 x140 mm
30 microplates (5Dx6H)DP-1811
UFDP-65LSide access rack for deep-well microplate571 x 237 x140 mm
30 microplates (6Dx5H)DP-2209
UFDP-66LSide access rack for deep-well microplate571 x 284 x140 mm36 microplates (6Dx6H)DP-2211
UFDP-75LSide access rack for deep-well microplate664 x 238 x140 mm35 microplates (7Dx5H)DP-2509
UFDP-76LSide access rack for deep-well microplate664 x 284 x140 mm
42 microplates (7Dx6H)DP-2511


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